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  • Planning project management from application and submission to planning permission

  • Appointment, organisation and coordination of project team

  • Advising on sustainability and regeneration opportunities

  • Negotiating client's planning requirements with Local Planning Authorities

  • Preparation and submission of all types of planning, listed buildings, conservation area applications and applications for certificates of lawful use or development

  • Advising with regard to any planning Enforcement matter and representing client as appropriate

  • Preparation and submission of planning appeals by Written Representations, Informal Hearings or Public Local Inquiries

  • Inquiry appearance either as witness to give expert planning evidence and/or wholly present the client's case

  • Representations to Local Plans, Local Development Frameworks, Local Development Plans, and appearance at inquiry or hearing for client as appropriate

  • Search, identification and planning appraisal of potential development sites

  • Studies of housing, Industrial and other commercial land requirements and availability

  • Preparation of Development Briefs, Design & Access Statements,and research projects

  • Advising on specific aspects of Town and Country planning legislation and National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) guidance in relation to any planning problem


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